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Reading Texts. Selected reading texts from the English Result Student's Book as Word documents to adapt and use in your lessons. Welcome to the English Result Teacher's Site. Here you will find extra . Choose by age group, book title, topic or area of study. Visit Oxford Teachers' Club. English Result - overview English Result Teacher's Books Each level of English Result is accompanied by a Teacher's Book which provides full.

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English Result Teachers Book

english course. Each level of English Result is accompanied by a Teacher's Book which provides full and detailed teaching notes. The procedural notes for each lesson, are. CAE Result Teacher's Book. Uploaded by. Fictivity. FCE Result-Student Book. Uploaded by. Camille Carpi. Cambridge English First Result Teacher's Pack.

Recommended by: Lucy Rycroft-Smith site description: For those who ponder the most intriguing questions in maths, the realm of numbers is not only visual but also beautiful. What does a sphere look like in four dimensions? How can a knight on a chessboard visit every square? And can a five-sided tile cover an infinite floor? Visions of Numberland unlocks the world's greatest mathematical mysteries, with 60 patterns to colour in and 10 more that you can create from scratch.

Kobo iBooks. PronPack 2: Pronunciation Puzzles. PronPack 3: Pronunciation Pairworks.

PronPack 4: Pronunciation Poems. Kobo iBooks site.

Authentic Listening Resource Pack. Robin Walker. English Result Teacher's Books. Annie McDonald. Overview page: English Result - overview.

Cae result teacher's book

The notes for each lesson contain: Sample pages, click to see larger images: Further information: Click on a link to see a preview of an attachment in a new browser window or document preview window. Alternatively "right-click" to save the file directly to your computer. Paperback book. Search form Search.

Business Result: Pre-intermediate : Teacher's Book, 2009

View a specific book PronPack 1: Cambridge English Empower C1. The No-nonsense Guide to Writing Materials.

Level 5 Teacher's Book. English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate. The friendly explanations next to each pattern unlock the secrets of an intellectual quest that has been underway for three thousand years - but no maths knowledge is required. But every year thousands of research papers are published, some of which contradict each other.

How can busy teachers know which research is worth investing time in reading and understanding?

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And how easily is that academic research translated into excellent practice in the classroom? Making Good Progress?

Listen to my interview with Daisy here. Author: Katharine Birbalsingh site description: At Michaela, teachers think differently, overturning many of the ideas that have become orthodoxy in English schools.

In this book, over 20 Michaela teachers explore controversial ideas that improve the lives of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. Michaela is blazing a trail in education, defying many of the received notions about what works best in schools.

English Result Teacher's Books

Michaela teachers, from founders to classroom teachers to senior leaders, lead readers through different aspects of what makes Michaela unique. The school gets hundreds of visitors a year. So many ask: what's the secret?

But the reality is that it isn't only one thing that makes Michaela work. Author: Ed Southall site description: Ask yourself: why do we have odd and even numbers?